Solar activity

Last months solar activity.

Instrument: Camera Imaging Source DMK51AF to focal by eyepiece 12,5 (f.eq. ca 1800 mm)  Televue 101.

Powermate 5X. – Image reduction: Registax, Photoshop (  100-600 frames on 600-1200 )

Place: Pontedera Pisa Italy Filtro CaK Baader by eyepiece + filter density  3,5 to full aperture.

5.0 e filter IR PASS for images clear light  Coronado SolarMax 60 filter amd  IR cut filter for frames in Halfa

Good seeing with light wind from W.

Solar filter by Kalcio filter







Images by  H-alfha solar max 60













Montecatini val di cecina observatory staff.

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