independent discovery supernova in UGC11322

 Another discovery for astronomicalcentre staff in UGC11322.

Co-discovery with amateur astronomer in China, Zhijian Xu e Xing Gao. Supernova in UGC11322 telescopio C14 celestron with CCD camera DTA KAF1001E


SUPERNOVA 2012ek IN PGC 62237 = PSN J18402884+3607174
Zhijian Xu, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China; and Xing Gao,
Urumqi, Xinjiang, >China, report the discovery of a
possible supernova (mag approximately 17.9) >on a 40-s
unfiltered CCD image (limiting mag about 18.8) taken by
Xing Gao >in the course of the Xingming Sky Survey around
Aug. 18.810 UT using a >0.36-m f/6.9 Celestron C14
telescope at Mt. Nanshan. The new object is
approximately located at R.A. = 18h40m28s.84, Decl. =
+36d07’17”.4 (equinox >2000.0; reference stars from
USNO-B1.0 catalogue), which is about 13″.6 >west and 12″.2
south of the center of the PGC 62237. Nothing is visible
at >this position on a red Digitized Sky Survey plate from
1992 Aug. 20 >(limiting mag about 19.8). The Xingming
images are posted at website URL The object
was designated PSN >J18402884+3607174 when it was posted
at the Central Bureau’s TOCP webpage >and is here
designated SN 2012ek based on the spectroscopic
confirmation >reported below. Additional CCD magnitudes
for 2012ek (unfiltered unless >noted otherwise): 2012
Aug. 7, [19.0 (Xu and Gao); Aug. 19.64, 17.9 (Xu >and Gao;
image posted at the following website URL:
hotostream); >Aug. 19.896, 17.8 (Fabio Briganti and Fabio
Martinelli, Celestron 14 >telescope; independent discovery
in the course of survey of the Italian >Supernovae Search
Project); Aug. 20.206, 18.1 (J. Brimacombe, Cairns,
Australia; remotely using a 51-cm RCOS telescope + STL11K
camera + >luminance filter at the New Mexico Skies
Observatory near Mayhill, NM, >U.S.A.; position end
figures 28s.92, 16″.6; image posted at;
Aug. 20.62, 17.7 >(Xu and Gao).

M. Turatto, S. Benetti, A. Pastorello, L. Tomasella,
M. Fiaschi, P. >Ochner, E. Cappellaro, and S. Valenti, Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova, >Istituto Nazionale di
Astrofisica, report that a spectrogram of PSN
J18402884+3607174 = SN 2012ek, obtained on Aug. 21.79 UT with the Asiago >1.82-m Copernico Telescope (+ AFOSC;
range 340-820 nm; resolution 1.4 nm), >indicates that it
is a type-Ib supernova. Adopting for the host galaxy
(PGC 62237) a redshift z = 0.028563 (Freudling et al. 1995, A.Ap. Suppl. >112, 429; via NED), comparison with a
library of supernovae spectra via >GELATO (Harutyuyan et
al. 2008, A.Ap. 488, 383) shows close similarities >of the
spectrum of 2012ek to spectra of several type-Ib
supernovae one week >after maximum.

NOTE: These ‘Central Bureau Electronic Telegrams’ are
sometimes superseded by text appearing later in the
printed IAU Circulars. >
(C) Copyright 2012 CBAT
2012 August 28 (CBET 3212)
Michael Rudenko



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