Discovery of EW variable star in Lyra by Astronomicalcentre.

 Discovery of EW variable star in Lyra by Astronomicalcentre.

Discovered of EW variable star in Lyra during the observations of others astronomical targets by Telescope SC 35 cm diameter with CCD camera SBIG KAF1600.

After several nights of observations we have the full period of this variable star.

Observations in collaboration with Denis Denisenko, Researcher by, High Energy Astrophysics Department, Russian Space Research Institute.

Observation Author: Fabio Martinelli, responsable for Astronomical centre.

Data redution, and elaboration by Giorgio Corfini, Astronomicalcentre Staff.







AAVSO comunication:

Thanks to every amateur astronomer and astronomer for every resoult of Astronomicalcentre.

Observatory Members.

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