First night to 51 cm telescope!

Even if the sky was misty, we get a good pubblication thanks to new telescope 51 cm Cassegrain and Bernacchi equatorial mount.
ATEL #7464 ATEL #7464

Title: MASTER OT J185737.57+684156.9 confirmation
Author: Fabio Martinelli, Mirko Tiberi
Posted: 1 May 2015; 05:24 UT
Subjects:Optical, Cataclysmic Variable, Transient, Variables

We reported observations of MASTER OT J185737.57+684156.9 (ATEL #7463)
from Lajatico Astronomical Centre, Tuscany, Italy.

We’ve observed the dwarf nova with 0.50m Cassegrain, using CCD KAF 1001E.

We have taken two frames, exposing 300 sec with R – filter and confirmed
this OT (see„>

The OT R magnitude is 18.3.

Lajatico Astronomical Centre:

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