Astronomical web site and links

IAU international Astronomical Union

Latest Supernovae

Comet Chasing

Soho. Solar and Heliospheriec observatory

Cross Cortina Observatory Italian langugae only

Minor Planet Center

UAI unione astrofili Italiani

Italian language only

American Association of Variable star Observers

Variable star and esoplanet web site search

Astronomy telegram web site

Monte Agliale Observatory Italian language only

Simbad, Astronomical Database

ISSP Italian Supernovae Search Project

Associazione astrofili Alta Valdera

 L’astrofilo, astronomy on line magazine

European Astrosky newtowork

Pisa Stellar model

Denis Denisenko astronomy web site Astronomical association Lunaee Sarzana La Spezia Italy

 Amatour astronomer in Germany

Astronomical observatory Leerhafe

Web site for amateur astronomer by GiorgioCorfini Astronomy club in Australia.

High quality telescopes made in France astronomical didactics instruments

Astronomy blog and Tavolaia astronomical observatory

Light pollution web sites:

 Astronomical blog, Intalian language only

Astronomy blog in Italian language

Link to telescope shop in UK Luca Billeri web site:

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