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Orciatico di Lajatico Astronomical Observatory, telescopes application form.

Observatory geographic info

Latitudine N 43°25’45”

Longitudine E 10°43’0


500 metres

The astronomical proposal for scientific use are free. The request can be write by universities, departments and Scientific institute. The amatours astronomical associations can require the telescopes for scientific use only by universities collaboration and for scientific pubblications. For visual observations, astronomical photography tourists and trips, please see the page. Telescope for holiday. Observations by Observatory staff service. Write by astronomical proposal the observation will be make in service, and the observatory staff will give you the observing night time. Asking and specify wich telescope you want to use and if unfiltered, by photometric or others filters we must observe the astronomical target. Specify if the observatory staff must do data redution, in this case we need more time for delivery the result. If the astronomer requires to have the observations without data redution, we give a password and login by another web site wich we install the observations with dark, flat and bias. If we have bad weather or instrumental problems we take care to give another observing night. By request is possible for astronomers to come in observatory during the nights observations, write by proposal or by mail if someone wants take part in observation nights. It’s available a flat to few km from the observatory for accomodation. Remote controll The Astronomers wants to keep under controll the observations but they cannot comes in observatory during the nights, they can request the remote telescope controll. Togheter with Observatory staff we can give a password and login for interface the pc telescope and pc camera ccd controll. Weather conditions for observing are reported as follow. The observatory is on the top of the high hills, around 600 metres, usually humidty value is low and every telescope can work without any problems. However if the local humidity goes around 75% Operations with caution, check umidity frequently! if over 75% Telescope mirror cover must be closed, expecially of the open tube telescopes optics, the bigger telescope as 40cm and 50 cm must be cover. If humidity goes around 80% Domes must be closed! Only the Schmidt Cassegrain telescopes can operate, just controll the dew shield is on the tube and  dew heaters are working. Wind speed. (Km/h) Value >40 Dome must be closed for every telescopes. Local Weather At the station’s altitude of 600 m. a.s.l., the climate is tipical of a low mountain site, with fresh summers and cold winters. Rare possibility of snow cause the near warm sea, however can be snowing in the winter for few days. The observers should be equipped with suitable clothes, but the controll room has got  a wardrobe available with clothes. Only into the controll room there is heating. Please read carefully the information on health and safety issues Indoor the controlroom there is safety box for first aid, but for help please go to the Orciatico village.

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