Astronomical Research

Orciatico astronomical observatory, is an astronomical station made for scientific research and studies. The most of the telescopes are available for astronomy, astrophysic and astrometry observing targets.

Observatory geographic info

Lat:  43,43531

log: 10,72385

S.L.M 500 metres.

Supernovae extragalattic search program.

The Supernovae search program is completed under our controll,  Orciatico Astronomical association has got different telescopes for this kind of search, the main telescope is a C14 celestron a meade 12″, all the telescopes are on equatorial mounts, and every instrument has got CCD camera unfiltered for SN survey. The survey program has got about 4500 galaxies of the boreal hemisphere, and going untill sourthen declinations, around -30 or -35 cause the dark skies we have from the observatory. This galaxies list is made by a theory of the distance, it’s mean we didn’t put in our list the very far galaxies cause for our instruments is too difficult to discovery a SN. During the clear nights we observe the most of galaxies we can, getting two immages for every galaxy. The exposition time is around 60 sec for every telescope, and the magnitude limit is around 19,50. The morning after we install the immages in a web site, where the Montecatini astronomical members gets the immage for controll. The night after we take picture of the galaxies wich we have doubts and new list. If we have bad weather we ask collaborations to our partners. Montecatini astronomical observatory is member ship of ISSP, Italian Supernovae Search Project. ISSP it’s a program with 4 astronomical observatory, CROSS Col Drusciè – Cortina (Belluno) MOSS  Astronomical observatory Montarrenti (Siena), MASACAS Astronomical observatory Monte Agliale (Lucca). The reason why of this collaborations is due of the numbers of the telescopes can monitoring the sky. Every observatory has got list of galaxies must be monitorated, in this way we have the full controll of the sky.




Stellar Photometry. The Astronomical observatory is available for astronomers, amatours wich have a collaborations with departments for photometry studies and search, using photometric filters U B V R I.  




The photometry filters are 2″ diameter for the most of the telescopes and 31,8 mm for smaller cameras. The observations comes choosed after astronomical proposal. The astronomical proposal are free and we can accept only by universities, schools, amateur astronomers and  scientific departments. We can do observations in service for astronomers writing their targets, otherwise the astronomer can be present in osbervatory togheter the support staff.

Esoplanet Survey Our scientific targets is to study and survey the esoplanets, the observations can be done by the astromers wich asked to be in observatory choosing the photometry filter and details, or in service by the astronomical staff.   Data redution. The data redution can be done by observatory staff, and the resoult will be send by mail. Or if the astronomer prefers to have data redution we can send the immages by a web site wich we supply login and password.














Astrometry The Orciatico astronomical observatory works with asteroid monitoring, at the moment it’s under working the telescope program and set-up instruments, but the first observations are going on.


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